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‘Confidence’ is the one word that kept cropping up among clients. ‘They’ve helped my son improve his grades, but equally importantly increase his confidence and reduce his anxiety levels.’ ‘Mastering of specific skills and increasing confidence is their forte.’ ‘We wanted improved exam grades and confidence and that’s what we got, with amazing service and wonderful and personable tutors thrown in.’ And so on.
— The Good Schools Guide

Strive Tutors is expert in a number of educational areas including those listed below- if you have any queries about the below or anything not listed, please do not hesitate to give us call


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This is our starting block and we use pedagogic techniques to build a student's resilience and interest in the subject. We engage students personally with the subject at hand and carefully monitor the pace and content of lessons to create a sense of success. Once they feel like they can do the work, they will approach the work enthusiastically.


We often work with extremely able pupils who aspire for the highest grades and percentages. Using tailored schemes of extended reading, further study and independent investigations, we foster genuine passion and aptitude in the student, leading them to secure top marks at top schools and universities and, most importantly, love what they learn.


Strive believes that the way you think is often as important as what you think. We are proponents of growth mindsets and teach using positive reinforcement, encouraging students to remove fixed perceptions of themselves and their work to progress and achieve.


Our tutors often meet able students who "revise a lot but do not do well in exams". We can assess how a student is currently working and refine their revision and working strategies to ensure that they are applying themselves effectively to the demands of a course or exam requirements. 


A tidy mind is a productive mind! We have great experience in aiding student organisation- whether that is ordering their work space, creating homework and revision timetables or categorising work- we have the best insights into what can help your child work smart and work hard without stress.


We create revision schedules and timetables to enable your child to manage their time. We also assess their learning styles to ascertain the best revision methods for their thinking and memory skills. We have extensive experience in examination preparation and can the employ the most effective strategies to aid this and counter stress and anxiety.