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Private Tuition

Private Tuition

Undoubtedly one of the best methods of learning, boosting confidence and consolidating ideas is private tuition which sits at the core of what Strive Tutors do on a day to day basis.  From English to Economics, Maths to Music and Languages to Science, our hourly private lessons lie at the heart of our academic offering and are incredibly popular. While classroom learning at school can make a child feel insecure, bored or left behind, one to one lessons deliver carefully targeted learning to ensure understanding, strategic support and ultimately enjoyment. Our tutors have impressive academic backgrounds and most importantly, are expert in connecting with young people to stretch them beyond the textbook and cultivate real passion. We meet students in a mutually convenient location- most often the family home- to enable the student's comfort and maximise their learning. Students can have weekly lessons or lesson blocks to provide regular weekly support or more intense help during exam periods and pressure points.


Remote lessons

The world is getting smaller and thanks to new, innovative and easy to use computer software we are able to connect students and tutors within seconds. These increasingly popular lessons function in a similar manner to private one to one sessions and simply require the student to have a computer and webcam to enable real time communication. Our tutors have regular lessons with students from all over the UK, the US and Europe - please enquire for details.

Group lessons

When the occasion demands, we can also work with small groups of between 5-14 pupils, and run bespoke revision or learning sessions. These are particularly popular during exam periods when multiple students or even groups of friends plan guided revision sessions with one of our tutors. These are often more cost effective than one to one lessons.